Our Principles


Our business ethics is to provide neutral and state-of-the-art consultation to entrepreneurs, investors, research & consulting organizations, government body, non-profit, and corporate clients all over the world. We operate independently to provide an unbiased advisory and support services that leverage the best-quality reports, IT Solutions ans Managemenet Consulting in various industries including power & energy, infrastructure, chemical, consumer goods and automotive sectors.


At MCG, we are committed to individual business owners, directors, entrepreneurs and investors like you. We sell long-term business and investment strategies and we value the relationship we built with our clients – we keep all information transparent to our clients, we provide personalized attention and like to discuss options and plans face-to-face in our community-based offices.


Our advisors build trusted relationships with their clients that often last a lifetime.

Our Research Specialist & Consultants 

Our Research Specialist, Consultants and financial advisors believe in providing unbiased and state-of-the-art consultation. They take your needs and goals seriously and offer a plan that is right for you, in language that you understand. Even after the final product & services delivery , you can count on your business consultation and financial advisor to provide portfolio reviews on a regular basis and answers to future questions and concerns. 

                                                             That's a Promise from our side !

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Masterfox Consulting Group (MCG) is the state-of-the-art management consulting firm which provides specialist services for research, proprietary solutions, data management and analytics to companies in every industry. MCG offers global and country specific market research reports by analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data to boost up the performance of your business solution. We help clients to make well-versed business decisions. We provide market intelligence studies which ensuring the fact-based research across a range of industries which includes energy, chemicals, materials, healthcare, automotive, agriculture and technology.

We serve clients on every aspect of strategy which includes new market exploring, product development, technological development, application modeling, financial modeling and tapping into niche growth opportunities through our independent fact-based insight which ensures their business success in present and future period.