Market Entry & Risk Advisory

Designing Policy Formulation - We have been at the forefront of several policy formulation exercises at the Ministerial level as well as at the State Regulatory level.

Enabling Regulatory Framework - We help regulators design market Reform & Regulation frameworks and also assist capacity building in utilities for compliance to regulatory procedures. Our team has assisted regulators and utilities in several States by providing strategic advice during regulatory proceedings.

Strengthening the Reform Process – We possess significant experience in the Reform and Restructuring, as well as of the institutional strengthening process in the electricity sector. Our expertise includes designing Incentive mechanisms, Benchmarking and yardstick competition, Performance-based regulation, Cost analysis and economic policy analysis.


Power Trading, Regulatory Affairs & PPA: Preparation of application for long term open access, preparation of draft long term PPA, Synthesis of Competitive Bidding documents, Preparation of Techno commercial offer and Participation in competitive bidding for sale of power for long term to various state utilities, Computation of Capital Cost, calculation of levellised Tariff, Preparation of application for capital cost, approval in CERC and PPA approval in OERC.

Financial Advisory



MCG assist investors in identifying investment opportunities in the traditional and Renewable Energy sector and evaluating them in light of their investment criteria, and the likely risk-reward profile, regulatory, commercial and legal requirements. Through a critical understanding of the sector, our team helps clients in the energy sector formulate business and financial plans that improve long-term competitiveness and profitability.

Energy Sector

IoT Implimentations

Market Entry - Our market entry advisory solutions help clients review macro and micro economic environments, identify potential barriers to market entry, compare competitor offerings with available alternatives, and build robust route-to-market strategies.

Due Diligence - We provide full range of economic due diligence services, including customised projections, review of contracts and fuel supply arrangements, valuation services and advice on regulatory and market risk.

Risk Management – Our in-house team designs comprehensive financial models that capture all risks and can prepare forecasts during various stages of a project, such as feasibility, negotiation with stakeholders (EPC, O&M, fuel suppliers, etc.), financial closure, sale of stake, etc. Our Enterprise Risk Management strategies and frameworks enable identification, measurement and mitigation of risks.

Regulatory Advisory

Regulatory Advisory and Techno Commercial Consulting Practice 

The Energy Sector Consulting Practice at MCG performed by a dedicated team of energy and power sector expertise. MCG helps power (Thermal and renewable energy), oil & gas, infrastructure companies to transform the way they operate by leveraging market intelligence in benchmarking industry best practices. With significant experience in energy sector consulting, our in-house research and industry experts enable clients to be more competitive, improve performance, efficiently implement transactions and comprehend the evolving policy & regulatory risks and opportunities 

Regulatory Advisory

Monitoring and Evaluation 



Market Entry


Risk Advisory

Our Service Offerings

Detailed Project Report (DPR)

  • Study of infrastructural facility, road and rail connectivity, water availability for the proposed project.
  • Study of Meteorological data of the area
  • Study of Power Evacuation System and Grid Connectivity
  • Study, analysis, synthesis of technical and financial data, Selection of Power Generation Technology.
  • Sizing and selection of Plant & Machinery, BTG equipment, Cooling Tower, DM Plant, water Treatment Plant, Air Compressor System, Water System, Fuel System and other Mechanical & Electrical Parameters
  • Selection of waste disposal system, Ash Management System, Pollution Control Equipment
  • Study of Environment, Social Impact Assessment
  • Study of Salability and marketing of generated power through Power Exchange, Traders and State Utility.
  • Study of Manpower Planning and Project Implementation Schedule.
  • Computation of capital cost and selection of normative parameters

Engineering on Feasibility Study and Detailed Project Report

  • Selection of power plant cycle and basic type of equipment.
  • Preliminary Plants and Equipment Layout drawings.
  • Heat and Mass Balance for Solar Thermal.
  • Selection of type and size of power plant equipment i.e. Steam Generating Solar field and Steam Turbine Generators, etc.
  • Selection of size and type of Material Handling systems (Water) as applicable based on type of power plant cycle / equipment
  • Selection of size and type of various auxiliary systems / equipment e.g. compressed air system, Fire protection system.
  • Conceptualization of power evacuation system and power distribution system depending upon type and operating philosophy of Power Plant.
  • Conceptualization of Instrumentation and Control requirements
  • Conceptualization of Civil and Structural works requirement
  • Estimation of project cost and unit generation cost

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Energy & Power Sector

Research Based Management Consulting

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