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Helicopter Tire Market-Forecast & Opportunity, 2019-2027

Global Helicopter Tire Market -Global Insights, Market Segmentation Analysis, Regional Analysis, Growth Analysis, Market Size, Comparative Analysis, Trends & Forecast, 2019-2027

Global helicopter tires market expected to grow with a CAGR of 4.5% between 2019 and 2027. Helicopter tires are of paramount role in aircraft functioning & performance and are designed to withstand extremely enormous loads.These tire tread patterns are designed based on to facilitate performance and in compliance of standard aircraft tire ratings. The maximum allowable inflation pressure is 1.8 times the rated inflation pressure in helicopters, whereas the maximum dimension for new helicopter tire are greater than the maximum aircraft tire dimensions.

The global helicopter tire market derives much of its growth from the steep rise in global air passenger traffic during the forecast period. This is attributed to declining airfare, consumer behaviour towards maintaining living standards and increasing per capita income.

Airbus S.A.S has worldwide customer base and has partnered with Mahindra group to produce local military helicopter and airframe parts under the Make in India government programme which is expected to drive demand for helicopter tires in the coming years.

India is oneof the leading country and registered double-digit growth in domestic air passenger traffic for 54TH consecutive month in February 2018. According to International Air Transport Association (IATA) study, air passenger traffic will observe two-fold growth and will be accounting to 8.2 billion footfall by 2037, which in turn, supports increasing demandfor helicopter tire market during the forecast period.

The major giant’sin the aerospace industry are heavily investing to develop new helicopter and other aircraft equipment to grab the opportunities offered by a considerable rise in air passenger base which inturn should generate enhanced demand for helicopter tires. The major OEMs operating in helicopter market are focusing to expand their business by  acquiring business contracts and devising M&A strategies which will enhance their market penetration and increase their service offerings in the global scenario. For instance, The Good rich Corporation, a rubber and tire manufacturing company sold their tire manufacturing business division to Michelin.

One of the major opportunities in growth of the helicopter tire market is growing tourisms across the globe. Some of the countries like China, India, and Malaysia charges low cost tariffs for travelling by helicopter which is likely to help the market to grow at a rapid pace during the forecast period. According to World Bank Statics, China spent USD 257,33 million on tourism followed by India USD 21,856 million in 2017.

Industry Trends:

  • Sikorsky has developed X2 technology, one of the fastest helicopter prototypes ever developed.
  • Bell, developed Tilt-rotor technology for both military and non-military tasks.
  • Qingdao Sentury Tire Co Ltd, a Chinese home-made manufacturer of aircraft tire has expanded a new production facility of worth US 44 million, which will reach a capacity of 150,000 tires per annum

Intended Audience

  • Helicopter Tire Manufactures
  • Helicopter Manufactures
  • Component Providers
  • Defense Organizations
  • Research Institutes
  • Regulatory Bodies

Segmentation Insights:

With a voracious demand of helicopter tire in the market, we have segmented it into numerous segments, namely type, types of tread pattern, distribution channels, and end users.

Radial and bias tires are the types of helicopter tires considered in the scope of the report. Radial tiresegmentis likely to gain a major share in the market owing to its design properties such as flexibility and strength which reduces frequency of tire replacement and helps tooffer longer service life. It allows the machine to withstand higher loads on the ground and offer more landings per tread. The demand for radial tires is increasing in the commercial aircraft applications owing to its lightweight property when compared tobias tires. The Goodyear Thailand has invested USD 162 million in 2016 to expandtheir production capacity of radial aviation tire plant to meet growing customer demand in Asia Pacific.

Based on types of treads, helicopter tire market is segmented into symmetric tyre tread pattern, asymmetric tyre tread pattern, and unidirectional tyre tread pattern.Symmetrical tire tread pattern is the most common type of pattern used in aircraft industry. Tires with thesepatterns have continuous ribs or independent tread blocks across the entire face of the tread. They are also long lasting and delivers steady grip on dry road.

Direct channel and indirect distribution channel are the two-distribution channel studied in the report.  Indirect distribution channel segment holds the major momentum in the market owing to its worldwide retail stores and third-party selling systems. All the major players of the tire market has numerous distribution centres across the globe. For instance, Bridgestone has 2047 retail stores, while Goodyear has 671 stores across the globe which helps it to generates its revenue through its branched distribution channel.

Based on the end users, market is segmented into commercial helicopter, military helicopter, and others. Military helicopter segment is expected to dominant in the helicopter tire market owing to its unique maneuverability features, and advanced technologies that the helicopters are equipped with.  Military helicoptersare extensively used by defence units around the globe, as it performs different attacks missions such as air-to-air combat, ground attack and naval attack. Additionally, Military helicopter are also used to perform defense operation including observation, search & rescue, surveillance and evacuation of wounded soldiers from the front lines.

Geographical Insights:

Based on geographical regions studied in the report, we have segmented it into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

North America region is expected to obtain a considerable share in the helicopter tire market. This is attributed to increasing government investment in aerospace and defence sector and rising disposable income of the consumerto participate in the various extreme sports activities such as red bull sports.Consumer behaviours towards living of standards and travelling by commercial and business helicopter will increase which led to spur the growth of the helicopter tire market.  All aircraft market is predicted to grow at a rapid pace. According to Boeing, emerging countriessuch as United States, China, India, South Asia, Latin America countries, and Middle East countries are likely to lead to aircraft travel and expansion in the forecast period.

Asia Pacific is likely to remain dominant in the helicopter tire market. The increasing use of helicopter in the region is gaining a lucrative opportunities in the coming years. According to Asiansky Media, there is an increase of 4.6% in region’s fleet in 2018which included  150 new deliveries, among which 49 were Airbus helicopter, 47 were Leonardo helicopters, and 43 were Bell helicopters. Thisincrease indemand for helicopters in military and offshore applications is one of the major drivers for the growth of theregional helicopter tire market.

European helicopter tire market is driven by the presence of major tire manufacturers in the region such as Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear. The presence of numerous aircraft manufacturers in the region such as Airbus, Lockheed Martin and Dassault Aviation, is turning out to be boon for the product market during the forecast period. These manufactures are focusing to tie-up with aircraft manufacturersto increase their customer base across the globe.

Latin America and Middle East & Africa is witnessing a steady growth and is expected to make fruitful contribution to the rise of global helicopter tire market over the forecast period. The major tire participants are focusing on offering tires though third-party distributors in UAE and other emerging countries in the LAMEA.

The major key participants in the helicopter tire market are Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Bridgestone Corporation, Michelin, Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Ltd, Specialty Tires of America, Inc., and Leina Tyre Industry Limited and Qingdao Leina Tyre Co., Ltd.

Global Helicopter Tire Market Segmentation:

  • Tire type:
    • Radial ply tires
      • All - steel radial tires
      • Semi - steel radial tires
      • Full - fiber radial tire
    • Bias ply tires
  • Types of tread pattern:
    • Symmetric Tyre Tread Pattern
    • Asymmetric Tyre Tread Pattern
    • UnidirectionalTyre Tread Pattern
  • Distribution Channel:
    • Direct Channel
    • Indirect Channel
  • Applications:
  • Commercial Helicopter
  • Military Helicopter
  • Others (Business & General helicopter)
  • Region
    • North América
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • Latin America
    • Middle East & Africa
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